The Australia Day Council of Western Australia, established in 1977 is a part of the ‘national family’ of eight State and Territory Australia Day Councils.

It is a non-profit incorporated body which supports the mission and objectives of the National Australia Day Council but enjoys autonomy in the management of its own day-to-day affairs.

In 2015 the organisation was re-branded and adopted a new corporate logo and trading name to highlight what we do and where we do it - Australia Day WA.

Australia Day WA's objectives are consistent with those of the national body, and specifically target all citizens of Western Australia, providing the opportunity to celebrate Australia Day, to grow together as one people and to help build a better Australia for future generations.

Australia Day is a day when we can all Celebrate what’s great!

Our Purpose

To promote the observance and celebration of Australia Day in Western Australia and encourage all Western Australians living in Western Australia to feel pride in the nation, a sense of belonging and a desire to contribute to the future of Australia.

Our Mission

  • To foster national pride in every Western Australian.
  • To promote the observance and celebration of Australia Day in Western Australia.
  • To instill in all Western Australians, whatever their origins, a desire to contribute to the nation's future.
  • To achieve these aims by encouraging all Western Australians to live and work together as one people.
  • To stimulate concern for Australia as a nation.
  • To create an awareness of, and a value for, our heritage.
  • To offer inspiring role models that motivate Western Australians to make a positive difference.